is also a portal

to get a streamlined search, click on the search button without typing anything in

to get to advanced search, click on "more" and scroll down to advanced search


when you enter multiple terms, e.g. national debt, and AND is implied and you will get back pages that use all of the terms

to OR two or more terms, place OR between the terms

you can use a - sign in front of a term as a NOT to exclude pages that contain that term example oil OR petroleum reserves Iraq -war

Yahoo! ordinarily does not search "stopwords" (very small words such as articles and prepositions) - you can force it to do so by putting a +sign in front of the word, e.g. +the

stopwords are automatically searched when they are searched as part of a phrase, using quotation marks, e.g. "The Sopranos," "in the limelight"

as with google, you can use and you will get all results with as well as

if you use, you will get precisely, also would get only websites and not

to do a link search in Yahoo!, use the link: prefix e.g. - you can also do OR

Creative Commons - cc licensing provides a means by which copyright owners can easily grant some of their rights to the public, yet at the same time reserve some of their rights - you can search specifically for materials that have a Creative Commons license and that you can therefore more freely and easily use in your own publications


Hock, Randolph The extreme searcher's Internet handbook: a guide for the serious searcher Medford, NJ: CyberAge Books, 2009