Quiz 1: Web Basics for Critical Thinking
Quiz 2: The Empowered Researcher
Quiz 3: How to validate information on the web
Quiz 4: Look at the links
Quiz 5: Research outside the box
Quiz 6: Blogs, RSS, Podcasts, and Wikis
Quiz 7: Understanding Internet Search Tools
Quiz 8: Creating an Internet resaerch strategy
Quiz 9: Stop words
Quiz 9A: Identifying the right keywords
Quiz 10: Analyzing Your Search Results
Quiz 14: Citing Online Resources
Quiz 15: Review
Quiz 15A: Understanding Boolean Operators
Quiz 16: Narrowing a Search with the AND Operator
Quiz 17: Expanding a Search with the OR Operator
Quiz 18: Restricting a Search with the AND NOT Operator
Quiz 19: Using Multiple Boolean Operators
Quiz 20: Searching with Filters
Quiz 21: Combining Boolean Operators and Filters
Quiz 22: Review
Quiz 23: Understanding Subject Guides
Quiz 24: Browsing a Subject Guide
Quiz 25: Searching a Subject Guide
Quiz 26: Navigating a Subject Guide
Quiz 27: Tapping Trailblazer Pages
Quiz 28: Using a Specialized Search Engine
Quiz 29: Understanding Evaluative Criteria
Quiz 30: Evaluating a Web Page
Quiz 31: Understanding Specialty Information
Quiz 32: Finding People and Places
Quiz 33: Locating Businesses
Quiz 34: Searching Periodical Databases
Quiz 35: Finding Government Information
Quiz 36: Finding Online Reference Sources
Quiz 37: Searching Vertically
Quiz 38: Joining the Social Search
Quiz: Subject guides

Hartman/Ackerman Quizzes

Quiz 1: Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web

Quiz 2: Using the Web for Research

Quiz 3: Evaluating Information Found on the World Wide Web

Quiz 4: Managing and Citing Search Results

Quiz 5 A Researcher's Toolkit

Quiz 6: Search Strategies for Search Engines

Quiz 7: Specialized Databases

Quiz 8: Searching for News and Keeping Up to Date Using RSS

Quiz 9: Searching for Multimedia

Quiz 10: Working and Learning Together By Sharing Information

Web 2.0: Concepts and Applications Tests

Chapter One: The Web Becomes 2.0