Internet Reference Shelf

includes 51,000 articles from the 6th edition of Columbia Encyclopedia but also content from over 100 other encylopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses and other reference sources

you can view multiple sources side by side

comparesidebyside.jpg automatically shows a citation at the end of each article formatted in MLA, Chicago, and APA style


Encyclopedia Britannica

this site provides very brief articles for free, but most of it requires a subscription

highest quality encyclopedia in the English language

contains more than 120,000 articles all written by scholars

includes free videos and images



an internet-only encyclopedia as opposed to the two above

the largest encyclopedia in existence

because anyone can contribute to and edit the articles, there are debates about Wikipedia's quality, reliability and accuracy

no other encyclopedia has ever had as many editorial eyes examining the content

provides an extremely high level of currentness


a specialized but broad-reaching encyclopedia with articles on how stuff works from solar cells, to brainwashing to how pop-up turkey timers work

provides links to more than 2,500 dictionaries and grammars for more than 300 languages, as well as a variety of other language-related resources

links to multilingual dictionaries and specialized subject dictionaries, including technical and scientific dictionaries

Merriam-Webster Online

includes pronunciation (with audio), parts of speech, etymology, inflected forms, and synonyms

includes a Spanish/English dictionary, medical dictionary, thesaurus and visual dictionary

contains 95,000 entries and provides audio for pronunciations

without a subscription, you are limited to 25 look-ups

go to this site to get answers from multiple resources very quickly and simply on one page: dictionary definitions, encyclopedia articles, maps, local time, currency conversion, statistics, etc.

using 250 reference tools, including multiple general encylopedias, specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, a thesaurus, glossaries, travel guides, a company directory, a recipe collection and a collection of proprietary information


contains the Information Please almanacs, Columbia Encyclopedia, InfoPlease dictionary, InfoPlease atlas, biographies and more

lots of little gems can be found such as timelines, statistics, slideshows, country profiles and so on

cite link shows you how to cite the item being viewed

Wayp International White and Yellow Pages

resource guide for white and yellow pages directories, arranged by continent and country

The Quotations Page

resource guide with a searchable database of more than 26,000 quotations from more than 3,100 authors

you can search the subject or author directory

great if you are preparing a talk, an article or a paper

includes Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, Columbia World of Quotations and Simpson's Contemporary Quotations

also includes other quote sources, handbooks, anthologies, collected works of famous authors and other reference tools

Yahoo! Finance - Currency Converter

provides a conversion calculator that handles more than 150 currencies

Weather Underground

you can choose to have temperatures appear in either Fahrenheit or Celsius or both

provides links to weather-related data and maps

Perry-Casta├▒eda Library Map Collection

11,000 maps plus links to gazetteers

maps are in the public domain and no permission is required to copy or distribute them

links to maps on other sites

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

contains more than 20,000 high resolution maps and images

focuses on rare 18th and 19th-century maps of the Americas but also provides historical maps of other continents

Global Gazetteer

a gazetteer is a geographical directory

locate the place of interest by first browsing country, then by region and then alphabetically

includes satellite and/or topographic image, latitude and longitude, elevation, population, weather data, etc.

World Gazetteer

latitude, longitude, current population and other statistics for countries, administrative divisions, cities and towns

also provides a pronunciation table for dozens of languages

U.S. Postal Service ZIP Code Lookup

if you have the street address, the U.S. postal service site can provide the nine-digit zip code


detailed stock quotes, financial news, company backgrounds, a currency converter, financial tools and other kinds of market-related information

you can set up and track your own detailed portfolios for free

BEOnline - Statistics

covers a wide range of carefully selected statistics sites, particulary for business, economics and the social sciences

Intute: Social Sciences - Statistics and Data

maintained by subject specialists at U.K. universites

USA Statistics in Brief

contains selected tables from the Statistical Abstract of the United States

Statistical Abstract of the United States

full Statistical Abstract of the United States


Library of Congress Online Catalog

includes 14 million records for books, serials, computer files, manuscripts, maps, music and audio/visual materials

can use guided search to search by AND, OR or NOT

The British Library

contains 14 million books plus 62 million other items

Google Book Search

search both new and old books by arrangement with publishers and several major libraries

for books that are out of copyright you can see the Full Book View with all pages of the book

for books under copyright, access will vary

you can search using the same Boolean expressions as with regular Google

you can use the following prefixes: inauthor:. intitle:, inpublisher:, date:, amd isbn:.

The Online Books Page

contains links to more than 35,000 books in English

Project Gutenberg

was designed to place online as many public domain etexts as possible

has more than 30,000 tets from Cicero to the Bobbsye twins

majority of the books are in English but there are a few books in each of 60 other languages

contains a small collection of sheet music

all books are in the U.S. public domain, no longer under copyright (all are from before 1923)

can search the full text of the books

provides more than 200 full-text books including a number of useful reference works

EuroDocs: Online Sources for European HIstory

provides links to Western European documents that are online in transcribed, facsimile or translated form

A Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents

contains links to more than 140 full-text documents from the pre-Colonial period to the present

University of Virginia Hypertext Collection

provides a collection of classic and other texts in the area of American Studies

Governments on the WWW

links connect you to official government sites for parliaments, office, courts and embassies, banks, multinational organizations and political parties

CIA World Factbook

regularly updated, provides detailed country guides

U.S. Government

official internet gateway (portal) to U.S. government resources

good starting place for locating information from or about government services and agencies


search the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, Commerce Business Daily, Congressional Record, Government Manual and U.S. government databases

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

information related to federal legislation, including bills and resolutions, activities in Congress, etc.

Open CRS

the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress produces a collection of highly respected, nonpartisan reports on a wide variety of subjects relating to current political events

Library of Congress - State and Local Government Information

resource guide with a convenient collection of links to state, county and local government information

Corporate Information

provides tens of thousands company research reports, profiles and analyses for companies in 55 countries


provides information on public and non-public companies worldwide, on company executives and on more than 600 industries


allows you to browse of search a company by name, product/service or brand name

American Society of Association Executives Gateway to Associations

provides links to thousands of association sites, which you can search by name, location, etc.

AMA DoctorFinder

offers information on virtually every licensed physician in the US

allows a search of 1 million attorneys and law firms in 160 countries


delivers basic contact and other information about individuals


for scientific information only


a scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses primarily on computer and information science


access to more than 13,000 publications and more than 4 million articles, will have to pay to purchase the article although some are free

HighBeam Research

search more than 80 million articles from 6,500 publications

includes 500,000 articles from encyclopedias and other reference tools

you will have to pay for the articles

Google Scholar

collection of peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports made available by agreements with publishers, associations, and universities


for those looking for a school

College Board

provides a variety of resources relating to the SAT and other tests

practical advice included on such things as writing essays for college applications

contains information on 3,800 plus colleges and presents a useful side-by-side comparison option


has a reputaion for the best travel guides

Lonely Planet

down-to-earth online guide to world travel


Hock, Randolph The extreme searcher's Internet handbook: a guide for the serious searcher Medford, NJ: CyberAge Books, 2009