search box - enter one or more words. Use a minus sign in front of a term to exclude that term (Boolean NOT). You can also use OR, as well as several prefixes such as intitle:.

Google will ignore small common words unless you insert a plus sign immediately in front of the (e.g., +the)

images - one of the largest image databases on the web

video - a search of video that appears in YouTube plus video from other sites

maps - maps, directions and yellow pages, driving directions, walking directions and directions for public transit and satellite images

news - covers 25,000 English-language news sources going back 30 days (plus a news archives search going back much further)

shopping - shopping database

gmail - free webmail service

click on more to find more services that google has to offer

books - a search of the full-text of millions of books, plus the ability to view actual pages from many

scholar - a search of scholarly literature from peer-reviewed journals, preprints, theses, books, etc.

advance search link

language tools - translate both your search terms and your search results into any of 42 languages

translate text or a webpage from one language to another for 42 languages

display the google interface in any one of 129 languages

link to the google country-specific versions for 174 countries

I'm feeling lucky - will take you directly to the first page in your results list instead of giving you a results list

about Google is Google's link to a range of Google's offerings and tools

search settings will allow you to block adult content, choose a language and interface preference, limit the number of results per page, option to have results open in new window

Advanced search - includes boxes to perform simple Boolean combinations, choice of how many results per page, choice for searching in a specific language, option to retrieve only a specific file format, box for limiting to a specific site or domain

click on "date, usage rights, numeric range, and more" to see more advanced search options


Hock, Randolph The extreme searcher's Internet handbook: a guide for the serious searcher Medford, NJ: CyberAge Books, 2009